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montresa. Swiss Hybrid Watches


How do I make sure I will get one of these fantastic montresa. Hybrid Watches as soon as the will be available?

Just drop us an email under ... with your wish for type and color. We will put you on the waitlist and confirm your request. Thank you in advance.

How to unpair my watch?

To unpair your device click on the button with the three dots on the top of the screen, then tap on Settings. At the bottom of the Settings page is a button which will unpair your watch.

The red/green pulsating light, what does it mean?

The montresa. Hybrid-Smartwatch pulsates shortly red/green when you press one of the buttons or it pulsates continuously when the battery is low.

Will the montresa. Hybrid-Smartwatch work when the montresa. App is running in the background when the App is closed, and the smartphone is locked?

Even when the montresa. App is closed and the smartphone is locked the montresa. service is running and most actions can be triggered. Some actions can be limited by the platform or by the operating system. On iOS, some actions may require you to tap on a notification first.

How do I configure my montresa. Hybrid-Smartwatch to control other devices?

The montresa. Hybrid-Smartwatch can control many different third-party devices, either directly through the montresa. App or through internet services such as IFTTT, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Homey, ….

What is IFTTT and how does it work?

IFTTT is a web-based service that allows users to create “customized actions” which can be triggered by external devices like the montresa. Hybrid-Smartwatch and its App. Almost all major IoT devices are pre-integrated into IFTTT. IFTTT is therefore one way to make your montresa. Hybrid-Smartwatch control those devices.

To get started with IFTTT, what do I have to do?

Create an account on Then search for the montresa. applets and activate them. After you activated/configured them , you will need to enter the login data (username/password) into the settings in the montresa. App.

How many actions/flows can I configure per pusher?

You can configure up to 3 actions/flows per pusher. Short click, long click or double click.

What is a flow?

A flow is a sequence of actions.

What is the technology used for the transmission of the commands from the montresa. Hybrid-Smartwatch to the montresa. App?

Bluetooth-Low-Energy technology (BLE) is used.

What is the range of communication?

The typical range of communication is up to 50 meters in open space. Any obstacle between the montresa. Hybrid-Smartwatch and the montresa. Hybrid-Smartwatch app my limit the range.

What is the battery life of the montresa. Hybrid-Smartwatch?

The typical battery life of the montresa. Hybrid-Smartwatch is at least 1 year.

What is the battery type used in the montresa. Hybrid-Smartwatch?

The battery type used is a knob cell battery CR2025, available in most electronics stores.

Where can I get the montresa. App?

You can download the montresa. App in the app stores for Android (Play Store) now or iOS (App Store) starting October 2022.

Where can I get support?

For any support please contact us via email under: We will get in contact with you asap.

How can I exchange the battery?

We recommend changing the battery in a watch shop.

How do I know that I need to change the battery … that the battery is low?

Battery low is indicated on the montresa. Hybrid-Smartwatch by the continuously blinking LED and additionally by a notification in the montresa. App.

What devices and operating systems are supported by the App?

Typically Android devices with version 10 or higher. iOS is supported from version 15 and later.