Your networked devices always under control!

The montresa. Hybrid Watches are always with you ...

... so from now on, no troublesome searches for remote controls, no misunderstandings with Google Home or Amazon Echo!

No matter whether you want to switch on/off the light, the music, the heating ... you want to switch on/off all sorts of things ... make use of IFTTT automations ... simply need the torch at night or have to look for your mobile phone before leaving home: Just press one of the buttons on your montresa. Hybrid Watch and the job is done.


The simplest applications are usually the best. It is more or less the same here. The phone finder and the torch are the absolute high-runners. Yes, of course the light, the music, the electricity, the shutters on/off, up/down ... are daily applications ... but the phone finder, when you're already stressed and don't have time, and the torch to find something you've lost in some dark corner, are the two most frequently used functions.

To get control over your connected devices at home, IFTTT automations, all you need  is a watch from the collections of montresa. trend, montresa. pearl or montresa. voice, which you connect to the montresa. smarthome app and you're ready to go.


Depending on the number of buttons on your montresa. Swiss Hybrid Watch, you have 3, 6, 9, 12 or 18 functions configurable in the montresa. smartphone app that you can trigger by pressing the button short, long or double.

montresa. smarthome app

The montresa. smarthome app is available in the App Stores of Android (iPlay) and Apple (App Store).

In the montresa. smarthome app, you can individually define which commands (also command chains consisting of several actions) are triggered by pushing one of the buttons (short, long or double). Due to the 3 push variants, each push button enables the sending of three individual actions or command chains. One of the primary command chains is the emergency call, where first an email or SMS with the current position is sent and then a call is made to the relatives or call centre.

The montresa applets at IFTTT allow you to trigger all possible automations by pressing a pusher on your clock.


Here a few screenshots of the montresa. smartphone app. After the watch has been connected to the app (Bluetooth pairing) and the necessary approvals have been given, you get to the overview of the functions. The menu options here are: Settings, Overview of buttons and Help.

By tapping on the desired button, you can immediately see what has already been configured and can make changes, add or delete actions. You can assign a free text description to each action so that it is immediately clear what actions are behind the corresponding button press.






Here in the example, you can see how the displayed texts have been individually adapted so that you immediately have a good overview.

For example, when I come home, I press the crown (button 3) briefly and trigger: Door opening, turn on the music and lights. Conversely, I press button 8 briefly when I leave my home. If I'm looking for my mobile phone, I press the crown twice briefly ... the mobile phone finder: the torch goes on and Queen "We are the champions" is played at full volume. For everyday life at home, I have also configured functions such as "Play next" and "Shutters open/closed".

Here is a list of some useful applications.

Phone Finder


When you're looking for your phone or tablet... all you need to do is press a button on your montresa. Hybrid Watch and your phone will light up and play your favourite music loudly so you can find it in no time.



Purse light



In the past it was the pocket knife, today it's the mobile phone. The toolbox for all sorts of things must always be with you. The torch, both for women as a purse light when they have to look for something in their handbag in the evening, and for men who have dropped something on the ground in the car park at night, is one of these simple but frequently used applications.


Remote control



Are you also fed up with having to look for the right remote control all the time? With the montresa. Hybrid Watch you can control all your connected devices directly from your wrist.


OK Google ...



Have you ever tried to talk to the voice assistants from Google, Apple, Amazon, ...? and the lady or gentleman on the other end didn't do what you wanted them to do? There are many reasons: You were a bit far away, you had something in your mouth, you have a cold, your children are playing and making noise in the background, ....

But what definitely makes you a bit insecure: The ladies and gentlemen from Google, Apple, Amazon, ... are constantly listening in.

Those days are over now: everything the voice assistant can do, the montresa. Hybrid Watch can do as well at the simple discreet press of one of the buttons.

Master Switch



As you know it from the hotel rooms, a single push of a button is enough in your home ... all the lights and music go out, the door is unlocked, the shutters close and the garage door opens. This is called a sequence of actions or flow.

You no longer have to worry about whether you forgot to switch something off. When you go to bed ... your home goes to sleep at the push of a button.

The same when you return home, in reverse order. At the push of a button, your home awaits you in the setting of your choice.

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