Care & safety at home and on the go!

montresa. care - always in good hands!

montresa. care is the solution for everyone who wants care and security at the push of a button.

You can feel safe wherever you are, at home or on the road. A long press (>2s) on the button and your beloved ones or the 7x24h centre are notified and take care of you.


Innovation is the top priority:

  • No stigmatising buttons or devices
  • Wireless charging station for the smartphone
  • Replaceable battery for smartphone
  • Specially configurable side button

The watch is Made in Switzerland ... the smartphone Made in Germany!

montresa. care is individually customisable to your needs. You choose from 3 primary building blocks:

  • Watch - finally a non-stigmatising button!
    The beautiful montresa. secure hides its secret perfectly. Hidden inside the analogue watch is Bluetooth technology for communication with the montresa. care app on the smartphone. This makes it possible that a simple press on the crown triggers an emergency call on the smartphone. Charging is not necessary. With the built-in/easily replaceable button cell, the watch runs independently for more than 1 year.


  • Device - stationary or on the road ... the smartphone is the best solution!
    Are you mostly at home ... or sometimes on the road, the smartphone with the montresa. care app helps in every situation. After pressing the crown of the montresa. secure, a call is triggered to your friends & family or the 7x24h call centre. In addition, an SMS with the exact position data is sent. Help is on its way to you within a short time.
  • Service - Friends & Family or 7x24h Call Centre
    Who should take your request ... your friends & family ... or rather the 7x24h call centre directly? If you choose the Friends & Family service, all your contacts will be called at the same time. The first person to answer will be connected to you immediately, the others will receive a message that someone is already taking care of you. If no one picks up, a second attempt is made and then everyone is informed that you have made an emergency call.



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