montresa. Swiss Hybrid Watches

Classic Swiss watch tradition paired with smart electronics.

A dial with hands is one of those things that cannot be improved. At a quick glance, you can see the current time quite intuitively. The montresa. Swiss Hybrid Watches combine analogue elegance of the Swiss watch industry with integrated digital intelligence.

The integrated digital intelligence of the watch allows a huge range of services from the areas of security, care, well-being and smarthome to be addressed and controlled discreetly. This means, for example, making an emergency call with a position report while on the move, controlling networked devices (e.g. lights, blinds, multimedia, security, heating, communication, ...) at home or even just finding your mobile phone immediately (it flashes and plays a loud tone at the same time) if you want to leave your home quickly.

The montresa applets at IFTTT allow you to trigger all possible automations by pressing a button on your clock.

CES Las Vegas 2024 Product Innovation Video

montresa. applications

The montresa. Swiss Hybrid Watches open the doors to big and wide worlds.

  • A diverse range of hybrid smartwatches made in Switzerland: montresa. watches
  • Care and safety at home and on the move for everyone, but also for young & old: montresa. care
  • Easy control of all kinds of networked devices at home or on the go: montresa. smarthome